What are bookmaker sure bets

In fact, there is no such thing as “certainty”, but there are certain circumstances that can be identified by analyzing the odds of different bookmakers. Such circumstances arise when bookmakers offer significantly different odds for the same sporting event. When the difference in odds exceeds a certain size, we can talk about a surebet bookmaker bet. The essence of the surebet bookmaker’s bet is that if you make two bets on opposite odds of the same event with different bookmakers, then it is impossible to lose. For example, consider a tennis match between Player 1 and Player 2. Bookmaker 1 assesses Player 1’s chances of winning as weaker, and as a result offers Player 1 odds of 2.03. At the same time, bookmaker 2 estimates the probability of Player 2’s victory as weaker and gives the odds for Player 2’s victory also at 2.03. By betting $1,000 on these odds, you can make a profit of $30 no matter who wins. However, finding such opportunities requires searching for odds and calculating expected profits, which can make the process quite labor intensive.

While the idea of a sure bet is tempting, it is important to understand that it may not be the most reliable system for making a profit from sports betting. First of all, in recent years it has been difficult to determine the size and frequency of potential bets. Perhaps seven to ten years ago it was easier, but since then the situation has changed. Secondly, to get a small profit you have to risk huge sums, which is fraught with negative consequences. On average, the arb for surebet is only 2-3% of the profit received from the bet amount. Third, after placing a surebet with one bookmaker, the bet must be withdrawn and transferred to the second bookmaker, which results in a waiting period of one to three days on average. Fourthly, bookmakers do not like arbers because they are not real players and are not subject to emotions. They place large bets and quickly transfer large amounts of money between bookmakers, which can harm the bookmaker’s profits. Therefore, bookmakers will most likely block the arber’s account or reduce the size of his bet.

In addition, countless people are looking for easy enrichment through surebet, which leads to a shortage of opportunities. Therefore, if surebet appears, it is short-lived. Those who are the first to load their bets with inflated odds win, and surebet disappears a few minutes after its appearance. If you do not have time to place a bet with another bookmaker, then your bets will most likely result in you losing money. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the costs of moving money between game accounts, wallets and commissions, which reduces potential profits.
These are just a few of the disadvantages of the arbitrage system, but they are enough to discourage bettors from learning this strategy. It is necessary to understand why this approach is not popular with knowledgeable players.

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