Become a windsurfing pro

The sports industry in the 21st century has expanded with a number of “exotic” sports. Among others, it is worth mentioning bobsleigh, skeleton, and mountain biking. Some of the “exotic” sports were even included in the program of the Olympic Games. This confirms the thesis about their growing popularity, since the Olympic program includes only socially significant and extremely popular sports.

Among water sports, surfing and its “replacement” – windsurfing – are extremely popular now.
A windsurfing school can now appear in any seaside resort city. There are a lot of them on the coasts of Egypt and Greece. The Australian coast is considered the traditional cradle of both surfing and windsurfing. As for Russia, here “exotic” sports also take root very well. It is worth saying that in bobsleigh and skeleton, Russian athletes even achieved the Olympic podium. Windsurfing in Russia is being popularized gradually; it is worth noting that the “cradle” of windsurfing here is the Krasnodar region, namely the Yeisk district (Dolgaya Kosa, famous among Russian tourists). In addition, Anapa and Sochi are favorite destinations for Russian windsurfers. The Black Sea coast is very suitable for you to learn windsurfing here.

Windsurfing should not be associated only with foreign resorts, and in Russia there are plenty of its fans. In general, to engage in this type of sports entertainment, an open reservoir is quite suitable for you, regardless of its size, just keep in mind that the day should be windy. Lake Donuzlav in Ukraine is also popular among windsurfers from all over the CIS, since the wind in open waters is an unstable thing, in general, this sport has been transferred, including indoors, where you can learn windsurfing under gusts “artificial” wind in order to fully master the technique, adapt to the mode of calm “moving in the wind” and to the mode of planing movement. Let us note that in the Russian expanses you, of course, can master windsurfing, but no more than an amateur.

In order to become a professional, you need to undergo windsurfing training in Egypt, Australia, or the USA, where ideal conditions have been created for practicing this sport.
Windsurfing in Egypt is a lucrative part of the tourism industry. Once upon a time, only surfing enjoyed such popularity among young people and adults. Something similar, in relation to mountain resorts, can be said about mountain biking. When you go to a seaside resort, be sure to give yourself up to this type of sports entertainment like windsurfing: do not spare money, you will get colossal impressions.

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